Quick Facts


Scenario: Turn Back the Tides: Val'sharah

  • Stage 1 – Speak with Cenarius
    Speak with Cenarius to begin the assault.
  • Stage 2 – Secure a Foothold
    Aid Cenarius and his forces in defeating Crushfist.
  • Stage 3 – Open the Way
    Destroy the barrier blocking the tower entrance.
  • Stage 4 – Moving on up
    Reach the top of the tower.
  • Stage 5 – Lord of the Tower
    Eliminate Wrath-Lord Akrazar.
  • Stage 6 – Clear the skies
    Use the Fel Cannons to clear the airspace around the tower.
  • Stage 7 – Up and Away
    Ride the Dreamweavers' Hippogryphs up to the Legion Command Ship .
  • Stage 8 – Defeat the Legion Commander
    Rout the invasion by defeating the Legion Commander overseeing the attack.
  • Final Stage – Escape!
    Jump off the ship to escape.