Quick Facts

Tirisfal Glades

There is no map available for this zone.

Scenario: Blade in Twilight

  • Stage 1 – The Twilight Camp
    The Twilight's Hammer has set up a temporary camp up here. Investigate the camp for clues.
  • Stage 2 – Raiding the Tomb Raiders
    The cultists have entered a tomb complex at the bottom of the lake. The ritual must be happening in there.
  • Stage 3 – The Desecrated Tomb
    The cultists have breached the tomb of an ancient titan keeper! Slay the guards and open the way into the complex.
  • Stage 4 – The Tomb of Tyr
    Slaghammer knows the ritual is further inside. Enter the tomb room and deal with the cultists.
  • Stage 5 – Reconsecration
    Cultists are dampening the holy wards of the tomb. Dispel their defenses and kill the ritualists to break the barrier.
  • Stage 6 – Don't Fear the Reaper
    The ritual has been thwarted but void energy remains! Defeat it!
  • Stage 7 – Dark Passage
    The way is open to the prison. Continue down the unsealed passage to whatever waits below.
  • Stage 8 – Death to the Deacon
    The Twilight Deacon is trying to bring the killer of Tyr back to life! Stop him!
  • Stage 9 – The Blade of the Black Empire
    With the Deacon dead the blade is now yours. Take it.
  • Final Stage – The True Death of Zakajz
    The C'Thraxxi general is still a threat. Use the Blade to kill it forever.

Scenario: The Sword of Kings

  • Stage 1 – Culling the Cultists
    Twilight cultists are camped near the entrance. Investigate what they are doing here.
  • Stage 2 – The Ghost King
    The ghost of Thoradin is being tortured by the cultists. Slay the ritualists and free him.
  • Stage 3 – Thoradin's Folly
    The ghost has much information. Follow Thoradin and listen to his tale.
  • Stage 4 – The Tomb of Tyr
    The broken seal beckons from the lake bottom. Enter the Tomb of Tyr.
  • Stage 5 – Cleansing the Desecration
    The prison entrance is blocked with corruption. Cleanse the tomb of the corrupting void tendrils.
  • Stage 6 – The Root of the Corruption
    The corrupter has finally appeared. Slay Soth'ozz and complete the cleansing of the tomb.
  • Stage 7 – The Dark Passage
    The way below is uncovered, make your way to the prison of Zakajz.
  • Stage 8 – A Quick Execution
    Zakajz is struggling to defend itself. Draw out the sword and perform the final blow!
  • Stage 9 – To Kill a C'Thraxxi
    Zakajz is awake but neither fully healed or fully in control of its mind. Fight it back into unconsciousness!
  • Final Stage – The Warbreaker
    Zakajz has been defeated again, but it is not permanent. Take up Strom'kar and deal the final true blow.

Scenario: The Silver Hand

  • Stage 1 – The Empty Camp
    Travard's team is set up in the abandoned Twilight camp. Meet up with him.
  • Stage 2 – Clearing the Way
    Enter the tomb complex with Travard and get to Tyr's crypt.
  • Stage 3 – Keeper's Rest
    Tyr's crypt is overrun with crazed aberrations. Clear them out to begin the ritual.
  • Stage 4 – The Broken Ritual
    Travard wants to begin the ritual. Aid him.
  • Stage 5 – Into the Dark
    A critical part of the ritual was taken below. Retrieve the piece.
  • Stage 6 – The Maw of the Beast
    The giant aberration has the piece. Slay it and retrieve the piece.
  • Stage 7 – Escaping the Prison
    Unstable void energies are gathering, follow Travard back up to the crypt before the area is consumed.
  • Stage 8 – Aid to the Fallen
    Some of the paladins are wounded or covered in void magic. Free them by cleansing and healing them.
  • Stage 9 – Something is Coming
    Everyone is out of the passage, but something large and malevolent is coming up from below. Run with Travard to the crypt.
  • Stage 10 – Ritual Defense
    Travard must complete the ritual to unlock the hammer from the wards. Defend the crypt until he is finished!
  • Final Stage – The Silver Hand
    The Silver Hand is free. Claim it before Mordoth overwhelms the defenders!