Quick Facts

Night Fae Assault

Complete 1 quests in Perdition Hold and the Face of Oblivion.
Report to Lord Herne (1)


Help Night Fae forces assault Crucible of the Damned (1)
Listen to Lord Herne's plan (1)
Ask Lady Moonberry for help (1)
Use Distracting Illusion to turn the guard away from you (1)
Sneak past the distracted guard into the darkness (1)
Lord Herne rescued (1)
Bonesmith Heirmir rescued (1)
Margrave Sin'dane rescued (1)
Thiernax rescued (1)
Darkmist Ascendant Relyana slain (1)


The Jailer's forces have been caught off guard by our attack. We shall overrun Perdition Hold and defeat his champions at the Altar of Domination! We need your help Maw Walker. Assist our forces on the battlefield!


You will receive:
War Chest of the Wild Hunt


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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