The Search for Baine

Enter Torghast and search for Baine.


Use Ve'nari's portal to enter Torghast (1)
Take the Attuned Shard to the Wayfinder and see where it leads (1)
Warden Arkoban slain (1)
Baine Rescued (1)
Attuned Shard (Provided) (1)


I dare not step inside that accursed tower myself, of course. While I cannot tell you exactly where your comrade is being held, I offer a gift to assist you. Use it inside Torghast. It should take you somewhere near your missing ally. Baine Bloodhoof was his name, yes? Either that, or you'll end up trapped within the tower's ever-shifting halls for all eternity. But those are the risks one must take, I suppose. Best of luck!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Chain of the Purpose-Bound
You will receive:
Attuned Shard


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: