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A Call to Maldraxxus

Defend Maldraxxus by completing Daily Quests and World Quests, looting treasures, and slaying rare creatures. You may also defeat powerful foes in the Plaguefall and Theater of Pain dungeons.


Maldraxxus Defended (1)


Rares  (5) (1)


Rare Elites  (4) (1)


Treasures  (5) (1)
World Quests (4)
Daily Quests (5)


Dungeon Bosses  (4) (1)


The forces of Maldraxxus have long defended the Shadowlands from threats outside of our lands. Now, they face their greatest threats from within. The balance of power between the houses is broken. It has led them to assault us, and others. Their problems are many, our solutions are just. Travel to Maldraxxus and slay those that would do the Shadowlands harm, providing shelter to your allies when you find them.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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