Quick Facts

Make Some Noise

Craft 6 Drums of Primal Might.
Talk to Daniss to begin the ritual
Drum of Primal Might (6)


We have everything we need to craft the drum, except Elune's blessing.

The drum is but a vessel, like a cup. We need her to imbue the drum with power, filling the cup so that we may drink.

With Tyrande donning the mantle of the Night Warrior, much of Elune's power is taxed. Asking for another favor is not insignificant, but I must try.

While I'm doing that, I need you to craft the drum. Try to keep it small. The larger the vessel, the more power it can hold, but the harder it becomes to move.


You will receive:
Supple Hides Etched Bones


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: