Quick Facts

Ride of the Zandalari

Mobilize the Zandalari fleet, warriors, and flyers.
Speak with Captain Rez'okun to mobilize the fleet
Speak with General Rakera to mobilize the army
Speak with Hexlord Raal to mobilize aerial forces


It is time de Alliance see de full fury of de Zandalari. Dey are fools to try an attack in Nazmir. We must tell de fleet, our warriors, and our flyers dat dey must move out and go to Nazmir at once. I will go aid our forces at de Blood Gate. Here is a list of dose you must speak with to mobilize our forces. Move as fast as you can, we must stop de Alliance as quickly as possible.


You will receive: 11 70


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 8,930 experience