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A Slip of the Tongue

Steal a Pack of Pterrordax Snacks and use them to ride a pterrordax deeper into the city.
Pack of Pterrordax Snacks (1)
Hungry Pterrordax Ridden (1)


<As you approach, the blind Zandalari motions at you impatiently.> It sounds like ya be headed somewhere in a hurry, little weed! Sit down and share a tale with an old troll before ya head out on ya next adventa. I went on many adventas with my pterrordax when I was young. Explored dis whole valley! My pterrordax died many years ago, but... <Blind Tra'wala smiles mischievously.> Sometimes at night, I steal da guards' snacks to trick dese old pterrordaxes into lettin' me ride again. Ha!


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