Quick Facts

Casting the First Stone

Craft a Potion of Durability and a Potion of Shifting States using the recipes given to you. You can find the ingredients you need in Elric's shop.
Potion of Durability
Potion of Shifting States
Dried Star Moss Leaves (10)
Sand Shifter Scales (3)
Storm Silver Shards (3)
Test Vial (2)


Would you mind helping me out with something, <name>?

<Elric motions you over to him.>

You see, I have this recipe that, well, I only have half of currently. I've been trying to remember the other half but just can't seem to recall it.

My EX-partner tore the recipe and ran off with the other half over a disagreement we were having. But the stone it makes is invaluable.

How about you grab some vials and start mixing the ingredients on this list. Perhaps together we can figure this out.


You will receive:


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: