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Sacrificial Writes

Ask Kronah about the Writ of Sacrifice. Follow her directions after she gives you the information you need.
Ask Kronah about the Writ of Sacrifice
Wounded Greatstags healed with Writ of Sacrifice (8)
Fresh Heart (20)
Provided item:
Writ of Sacrifice


<As you peer inside the tome, you find a verse appear, glowing bright red.>

"For blood to bond, one strikes a deal,
A sacrifce which will appeal.
Seek out the lame, and never yield,
For in return, you shall be healed."

<As you finish reading the verse, you notice that a scroll has appeared in your hand.

Written across the top it's titled, "Writ of Sacrifice". Various runes, unknown to you, appear on the rest of the scroll. Yet, there's no explanation as to what to do with the scroll...>


You will learn:
Blood Contract: Sacrifice
You will also receive:
Writ of Sacrifice


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: