Quick Facts

Forcing Fate's Hand

Use the Scroll of Fate's Hand to summon the Hand of Fate to destroy 50 undead along the Blood Coast.
Hand of Fate summoned in Blood Coast


Undead destroyed  (50)
Provided item:
Scroll of Fate's Hand


I got some good news and bad news for you about this whole quest to destroy the herald of G'huun. Bad news first. There's an entire army of skeletons between us and the next area. I'm guessing they used Torga's blood to animate them. Good news is that scroll you recovered from Holbruk can summon the powerful Hand of Fate. ...and the bad news is that the scroll got damaged when Holbruk died and is only good for one more use. Meh. Take this scroll and destroy that skeleton army!



You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Band of Destiny
You will receive:
Scroll of Fate's Hand


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: