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This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Kill Maruk Wyrmscale

Report to Valstag Ironjaw in Menethil Harbor.
Ma'ruk Wyrmscale slain (1)


Other than you, we sent two scouts through Algaz. Only one returned. Here's what he discovered:

The Dragonmaws sent one of their Lieutenants, Maruk Wyrmscale, to organize a crew of orcs in Algaz and cut off the land route to Menethil Harbor!

We have to stop this, now. Take out Maruk, and then report to Valstag Ironjaw in Menethil Harbor.

Maruk is headquartered in a small cave, across a pond between the second and third tunnels of Algaz. Menethil is through Algaz, then west along the road.