Quick Facts

Assault on the Fel Forge

Assault the Iron Horde reinforcements at Ironhold Harbor in Tanaan Jungle.


Iron Horde Forces Thwarted
Hellfire Siege Tank slain (20)
Hellfire Shell slain (50)
Felblood Overseer slain (25)
Forge Engineer slain (100)
Felblood Deadeye slain (100)
Felblood Warrior slain (100)
Felblood Warlock slain (100)
Felblood Houndmaster slain (100)
Executor Riloth slain (10)
Grand Warlock Nethekurse slain (7)
Siege Equipment Blueprint slain (34)


The Iron Horde continue to bring in reinforcements from all over Draenor to reinforce their position at Hellfire Citadel. If we don't cut off the flow of supplies then we risk losing control of our plans in Tanaan. A strategic attack to the supply lines at Ironhold Harbor is just the thing to keep the Iron Horde on the defensive and maintain our momentum.


You will receive:
Oil Apexis Crystal


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: