Quick Facts

Vanquish the Raven God

This quest was marked obsolete by Blizzard and cannot be obtained or completed.
Slay the Raven God and return to Morthis Whisperwing at Cenarion Refuge.

This quest must be completed in Heroic dungeon difficulty.
Anzu slain (1)
Essence-Infused Moonstone (1)
Provided item:
Morthis' Materials (1)


We must waste no time in dealing with the raven god. You must take the essence-infused moonstone to a place of great power in order to lure the god from the relative safety of the Emerald Dream.

Descend into the Sethekk Halls and set the moonstone in the clutches of the raven's claw. You'll find it in the chamber before the talon king's hall.

Anzu must be made believe that his followers have gathered to welcome him back into the world. Once he has manifested, show him no mercy!


You will learn:
Travel Form
You will also receive:
Idol of the Raven Goddess


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
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