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Changelog For "Protection Warrior Raid Guide & Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Tips - Battle for Azeroth 8.1.5"

  • 6 days ago: Updated some outdated language, improved BoD trinket descriptions and Azerite breakdown section. By Llarold
  • 2019/04/12 at 4:10 AM: Updates to Azerite and trinket recommendations. By Llarold
  • 2019/04/12 at 2:57 AM: Small phrasing change. By Llarold
  • 2019/03/21 at 1:11 AM: Small fix. By Llarold
  • 2019/03/21 at 1:10 AM: Updated several fight recommendations based on community feedback. By Llarold
  • 2019/03/08 at 6:27 AM: Minor Edit By Anshlun
  • 2019/02/27 at 5:31 PM: Significant additions to boss tips, gearing suggestions, and Azerite breakdowns. Also fixed a link in the raid BiS list. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/23 at 5:12 AM: Significantly updated recommendations for tanking King Rastakhan. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/21 at 4:55 PM: Changed some wording re: BoD trinkets. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/21 at 4:53 PM: Small update, re: Jadefire Masters. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/21 at 4:49 PM: Removed a line that should not be present. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/15 at 10:45 PM: Updated BiS list, expanded trinket recommendations, Azerite explanations and added a section to break down how BoD Azerite traits aren't... great. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/09 at 5:04 PM: Fixed a real whoopsie. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/09 at 5:03 PM: Fixed a whoopsie. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/08 at 4:17 AM: Updated for February 8th deadline. By Llarold
  • 2019/02/03 at 2:56 AM: Updated BoD trinket section. By Llarold
  • 2019/01/31 at 5:14 PM: Added a breakdown of which slot to purchase with Titan Residuum first, and some reassurance that the extreme level of trait overlap from BoD Azerite gear is actually a good thing. By Llarold
  • 2019/01/31 at 4:55 PM: Updated and clarified recommendations for Jadefire Masters, King Rastakhan, Mekkatorque, and Blockade. By Llarold
  • Status set to Approved: 2019/01/21 at 7:51 AM