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Changelog For "G'huun Uldir Raid Strategy Guide"

  • 2018/11/24 at 12:42 AM: Minor fix By Uchur
  • 2018/11/09 at 5:22 PM: Updated with link to Mythic G'huun guide. By Squishei
  • 2018/11/09 at 5:21 PM: Minor Edit By Squishei
  • 2018/10/11 at 9:19 PM: Added to Jeeves Bot guide lookups. By perculia
  • 2018/09/10 at 8:03 PM: Added raid spec guides. By perculia
  • 2018/09/10 at 5:56 PM: Added Normal/Heroic video. By perculia
  • 2018/09/10 at 2:56 PM: Removed Guide Writers Note referring to Normal Mode not being seen yet. By FatbossTV
  • 2018/09/10 at 2:56 PM: Minor Edit By FatbossTV
  • 2018/09/10 at 2:55 PM: Changed multiple sections of the guide referring to the Reorigination Blast, as only two can be triggered throughout the fight, rather than an endless amount. Only phase two/three enemies will reset the encounter when dragged up to the platforms, not phase one enemies. Change: The Imperfect Physiology debuff lasts 2 minutes on normal mode. Changed multiple sections of the guide as tanks can now be targeted by Explosive Corruption. Change: Explosive Corruption only targets one person in phase three. By FatbossTV
  • 2018/09/08 at 1:11 AM: Minor Edit By Squishei
  • 2018/09/03 at 7:50 PM: Minor Edit By perculia
  • Status set to Approved: 2018/08/31 at 6:20 PM