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Changelog For "Everything About Mythic+ Keystones and Dungeons"

  • 6 hr 19 min ago: Updated the item level section to reflect the BFA behavior and added some clarifications to the end of dungeon reward forged tags. By Anshlun
  • 8 days ago: Updated Bursting Values. By Squishei
  • 12 days ago: Updated Mythic +2 weekly chest ilvl. By perculia
  • 13 days ago: Updated with Weekly Cache changes and new Mythic+ timers. By perculia
  • 13 days ago: Minor Edit By Squishei
  • 14 days ago: Added a section on Mythic+ spec guides. By perculia
  • 18 days ago: Minor Edit By perculia
  • Status set to Approved: 18 days ago