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The Legend of the Wardenscale

Capture the Father of Owls on the Isle of the Watchers.
Captured Spirit of the Father of Owls
Provided item:
Spirit Net


One of my favorite legends is of the Father of Owls on Isle of the Watchers. It is said that his spirit comes to comfort his creatures during times of trouble.

With the Legion's arrival on the Isle of Watchers, many of the owls are being slain so you can find him there.

We need to "borrow" him for a short time as he has seen many of the battles where famous warriors and villains have worn armor made of Wardenscale. With his spirit, you can identify items we can extract it from and use it for style!


You will receive: 19 40


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 16,450 experience