Those Bears Up There

Climb up trees in the Whistling Grove, grab stranded Hyjal Bear Cubs, and then hurl them at the Soft Target from the top of the tree. This is perfectly safe.


Hyjal Bear Cubs chucked to safety (6)
Provided item:
Inconspicuous Emerald


Oh, raspberries! Just when we had saved the last bear cub from the treetops, the fires returned and scared them again!

I don't know if you know this, but baby bears are precious and soft.

Go to the Whistling Grove, far to the northwest. Climb the trees, grab the bear cubs, and chuck them - gently! - to the soft target in the center of the grove.

<Without warning, Mylune suddenly smashes you against her bosom and begins sobbing.>

Lil' b-b-b-baby bears! Save them, <name>!



You will receive: (or 3 90 if completed at level 110)
Mark of the World Tree


Upon completion of this quest you will gain: